Site Holder Policies


Timberfell operates as an Organized Camp in Greene County, Tennessee.

Timberfell operates as a private membership campground with a minimum age of 21.


  • “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of the Department of Health or the Commissioner’s or Alcohol control board authorized representative.
  • “Imminent health hazard” means any condition, deficiency, or practice which, if not corrected, is very likely to result in illness, injury, or loss of life.
  • “Motor home” means any motorized vehicle designed as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, or vacation use.
  • “Natural swimming area” means a portion of a river, lake, reservoir, creek, pond, or stream used for swimming within the organized camp.
  • “Organized camp” means an area, place, parcel or tract of land on which facilities are established or maintained to provide an outdoor group-living experience for persons, or where one (1) or more permanent or semi-permanent structures are established or maintained as living or sleeping quarters for persons, for vacation purposes either gratuitously or for compensation.
  • “Owner/Operator” means the applicant, permittee, or other person to be in charge of an organized camp.
  • “Permanent structure” means a building and appurtenances at a fixed location maintained for living, sleeping, educational, social, recreational, religious instruction, physical education, health or vacation purposes.
  • “Primitive camp” means an organized camp established for tent camping only.
  • “Public health officer” means the director of a city, county, or district health department having jurisdiction over the community health in a specific area, or the officer’s authorized representative.
  • “Resident camp” means one or more permanent or semi-permanent structures maintained for living, sleeping, educational, social, recreational, religious instruction, physical education, health, or vacation purposes.
  • “Semi-permanent structure” means any temporary or portable facility maintained for living, sleeping, educational, social, recreational, religious instruction, physical education, health, or vacation purposes.
  • “State Fire Marshal’s Office” means the Department of Commerce and Insurance, Division of Fire Prevention.
  • “Tent camper” means a towed vehicle constructed so that the sides or top may be extended when parked and retracted while towed and designed as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, or vacation use.
  • “Travel camp” means one or more sites for motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers, tent campers, or tents.
  • “Travel camp sites” means designated camping spaces which are equipped with utility hookups.
  • “Travel trailer” means a towed vehicle designed as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, or vacation use.
  • “Truck camper” means a portable structure without a chassis or wheels and built for transport by truck and designed as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, or vacation use.



  1.  All persons on property must check in and have a valid membership.
  2. Camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to the discomfort of nature, weather or early departures.
  3. Wristbands must be worn at all times.  A replacement band is available at guest services in the main office.
  4. No illegal activity is allowed. No drugs, fireworks, firearms, or any weapons of any kind are allowed. Firearms include BB, pellet and paintball guns.
  5. No symbols of hate, discrimination or racism are allowed.  Confederate flags, Nazi swastikas or any other supremacist symbols are prohibited.
  6. All areas of the property except the inside dining areas are clothing optional.
  7. Any behavior which is deemed violent or overly offensive will result in immediate removal from the property and loss of membership.  If you would have to apologize for it later… it’s not allowed.
  8. Please gain permission before photographing or video recording any guests.  Do NOT post photos taken at Timberfell if you don’t have permission of all the people in the photo.
  9. Please swim in designated areas only. Swimming in the lake is prohibited.
  10. Do not post nude pictures to Facebook or other social media platforms.  It’s against the law to post without permission.
  11. Campsite quiet hours are 11PM to 8AM. Please respect your fellow campers.
  12. Please do not cut any trees on the property – alive or dead. Seasoned and split firewood is available at the camp store.
  13. Please control the height of your campfire. Do not use gasoline or other dangerous liquids. Do not burn plastic, garbage or leaves. Never leave your fire unattended. Douse with water before leaving your site or going to bed.
  14. Vendors must be pre-approved and arranged through management prior to entering the campground. No business activity from your campsite is permitted without written permission from campground owners.
  15. Fundraising efforts at the campground must be pre-approved through camp management.  To protect the integrity of all fundraising efforts, informative documentation of the charity or QR codes to the charity’s website must be displayed at every collection point or on the person(s) conducting the fundraising.  All monies raised must be turned over to campground management within 48 hours after the event.  Timberfell will send the donation to the charity.
  16. When hiking, do not trespass on adjoining property. Hiking trail maps which show our property border are available on our website.

Friendly dogs or other domestic animals are allowed. Evidence of vaccination is required to be available if asked. Only pets accompanying individuals having overnight accommodations are permitted to be on the property.  With the exception of legitimate service animals, pets are not allowed in the clubhouse recreation area – only by your campsite or walking with a leash. While walking your dog within the camping area, your leash should not extend beyond 6 feet. In more rural areas of camp, your leash can extend further.  Dogs must be secured at your campsite.  Either inside your climate controlled camping unit or outside when weather permits.  Dogs remaining outdoors must either tied with a leash that should not allow the dog to walk beyond any of your site borders or in a secure temporary fenced in area which is high enough to not allow the dog to jump out.  You must clean up after your pet and discard the waste in the nearest trash can. Poop bags are provided throughout camp.  Excessive barking or howling will not be tolerated. You will be held fully responsible for the action of your animal.  Pets (including emotional support animals, comfort animals and pet partners) are NOT allowed inside Cabins or Park Model Resort Home rentals.  Legitimate service animals must be cleared through Timberfell.  ADA and FHA information can be found in our main office.


  1. Day pass hours are defined at resort opening until 10 pm.  Day pass holders that stay over the allotted time will automatically be charged an overnight fee.
  2. Cabin checkout time is 11 am.  You are welcome to continue your day at the pool until 10 pm.

Pool Area:

  1. No running in the pool area.
  2. No sexual activities in the pool area.
  3. No glass in pool area.
  4. Lifesaving equipment is accessible at the front office pool side.
  5. No lifeguard is provided by Timberfell.  Swim at your own risk.
  6. Designated smoking areas are defined by signage.
  7. No diving
  8. No urination or body fluids in pool.
  9. No dogs or cats allowed in pool area.


  1. Maximum speed limit is 15 mph on main roads in camp. Secondary roads are 5 mph. WE ARE GETTING REALLY STRICT ON THE SPEED LIMIT, PLEASE OBEY THIS!
  2. Park in designated parking spaces only.
  3. Do not park in front of dumpster, utility access areas, maintenance equipment storage or barn.
  4. Handicap permit required to park in handicap spaces.
  5. Do not drive in fields or areas with no gravel.  There could be septic lines buried.  We will charge you for septic line breaks by driving in unauthorized areas.

Vehicles, UTV, ATV:

  1. All utv’s must be approved by management prior to being on property.
  2. The following utv/atvs are prohibited:  4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, side by sides, dune buggies, mopeds, dirt bikes.
  3. Staff exemption is granted for all vehicle types.
  4. Timberfell does not insure your utv, atv, golf cart.
  5. All vehicles must have a Timberfell approved sticker.  You must renew a vehicle permit contract annually.  Proof of insurance is required.  Do not drive while intoxicated.  You will be held responsible for drivers of your vehicle.

Campground General:

  1. Only campers are able to be sold on campground property. You must notify the office in advance of the sale. Cars, Motorcycles, Household sales are not allowed on campground property.

Campground equipment:

  1.  Only Timberfell employees or vendors can utilize company owned equipment.

Campfires & Grills:

  1. Campfires are permitted in designated fire pits only.
  2. Site fire pits must be approved by Timberfell prior to installation.  Complete Fire pit approval application form.  Minimum 15’ from dwelling or structures. If you have a fire pit at your site, you must have a exterior mounted fire extinguisher at your site.
  3. Gas grills are site owner preference.  Safe use is the responsibility of site owner.
  4. Open flame grills require 10’ from dwelling or structures.


It is the responsibility of the site owner or guest to maintain insurance on your property.  Timberfell’s insurance policy does not convey.


  1. Fire extinguishers are located in clearly marked areas of the campground.
  2. First aid kit is located at the main office.


Timberfell uses Greene county for water on the property.  The water has been treated prior to use on the property.


Timberfell operates it’s own waste water treatment facility.  This facility is inspected regularly to maintain compliance with the states guidelines.

  1.  Do not flush paper towels or other objects down your drain.
  2. If you clog our lines, you will be charged.



Timberfell has been issued a state license to sale and distribute alcohol on the property.  This license is issued by the commissioner and with its issuance has regulatory rules that must be followed.

Timberfell is only allowed to sale the following:  Any items distributed by wholesale distributors where the commission has approved licensed items for resale.

  1. Alcohol can only be served in designated serving areas.
  2. Alcohol can only be served by Timberfell employees.  Contract labor, vendors, residents, campground guests can’t distribute or operate any venue that is a designated serving area.  Additionally the law does not allow entry to the point of sale areas by non Timberfell employees.
  3. Alcohol can only be served in designated serving areas in the following hours: Monday-Sunday, 6 am – 2 am.  The following holidays are excluded: Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, Easter Sunday.
  4. Brown bagging beer is not permitted on the property.

The sale or distribution of hard liquor on property is prohibited by law.  You can be charged criminally with distribution even if the amount is Free.


All properties require maintenance and upkeep.  There will be times that parts of the campground are not available for use.  Timberfell employees a full-time team for maintenance and construction operations.  There are no refunds for loss of use, including utilities.

  1. Timberfell will send notice of planned outages.  The “Timberfell Farm” Facebook group will serve for official notices.  When possible, notice will be given 24 hours in advance when possible.
  2. In the event of a weather-related outage or accidental outage there will be no notice sent.
  3. We are unable to provide individual notifications for outage or restoration.





Proper upkeep of the site is the responsibility of the resident lease holder.  This ensure the resort is setting to a standard of look and feel.  The campground also must meet uniformed campground regulations by government authorities.

  1. All sites must have a minimum 10 foot buffer from site to site line by code of Greene county.
  2. All sites must have a 30 amp, 50 amp, 20 amp electrical service by code of Greene county.
  3. One vehicle per site is allocated.  For a second vehicle please park in overflow parking area.  Do not park in another site or common use parking area.
  4. Electrical lines and power must be in a separate encased ditch and separated by 3’ buffer of water lines.
  5. No site shall have more than 1 camper.  No sharing of sites, such as 2 campers is not permitted. No tents are allowed on camper sites.
  6. Permanent and semi-permanent structures shall be clean and maintained in good repair and provided with adequate lighting.
  7. We are required by county ordinances to keep a register contact information for a period of one (1) year at the organized camp facility. Such register shall contain each camper’s name, address, telephone number, and camping dates.
  8. Each building is required to have a fire extinguisher mounted on the outside of the building.  Fire extinguishers shall be of a type approved by the Fire Marshals office and maintained in accordance with the state Fire Marshals regulations.  No soda acid fire extinguishers are to be used.
  9. There shall be no lawnmowers, gas powered string trimmers, or other similar flammable operated equipment stored in interior areas. Flammable liquids shall be stored in a well ventilated storage area separate from the camper.
  10. Sites shall not have items underneath the camper. This is a fire hazard.


  1. Sites are treated as month-to-month reservations. Your monthly reservation will automatically renew.
  2. An individual, or its affiliates, may only own one site at Timberfell. – 09/2023, moratorium in place pending board approval.


  1. No subleasing of sites is allowed.
  2. Rent is due on the 1st of the month.
  3. Power and Water is charged per quarter on the 1st of the month.
  4. The maximum persons per site is 2 persons.  Additional lease holders more than 2 has been discontinued, unless approved.
  5. Maximum of 1 car per site, regardless of number of lease holders.


All site holders are responsible for the maintenance for connections from your site connection points to your camper. The campground will regularly conduct inspections for your site and if violations are found we will notify you in writing. Not correcting violations will could result in termination of your site.

Failure to correct this issue within 7 days will result in a fee of $100.00.

If fees are imposed by the county or state for violations we will charge your site for those fees.

Site holders are responsible to insure that the water connections and sewer connections are properly secured. The campground is responsible to the connection point. From the connection point to your unit the site holder is responsible.

Why are we doing this? Violations of this policy can result in fines up to $2,500 to the campground.

Events are a fun way of attracting new audiences and keeping existing customers loyal.  The following rules are designed to ensure safety and budget compliance.

  1. Events must be approved by campground administration and RAB.
  2. Events must have a minimum of 4 weeks of notice.
  3. Events must not overlap another event.

Parties and events are essential to bring in new people and bring the community together. 


Timberfell will provide the following financial items for events:

  1. Timberfell will contribute to the party fund if the event achieves more than 75% room bookings. Timberfell will pay $300.00 to the event if the event achieves 75%. The maximum payout is $300.00.
  2. If the event receives budget allocation, the event will have to pay for it’s own dj . Please check with your DJ first, as sometimes they could take your entire budget as they are expensive.
  3. if the event has a run fee it is not eligible to receive money from the party budget.
  4. Liquor may not be purchased with event funds.
  5. All vendors must be of 21+ and have a valid campground membership.
  6. All vendors must sign a vendor agreement contract with Timberfell.
  7. Event attractions and activities must be approved with 2 weeks notice.
  8. Items purchased with event fund allocations must be accountable.  All receipts must be submitted to match the event fund allocation.  Event fund budgets are not for personal use.  Event fund budgets are not for personal salary.


Timberfell will provide the following staffing for events:

  1. Friday, Saturday nights the Timberfell staff will operate the tavern for 2 Day events.
  2. Thursday (or Monday), Friday, Saturday nights the Timberfell staff will operate the tavern for 3 day events.
  3. Saturday 8 am – 10 am breakfast will be served. Please ask about the pricing structure.
  4. A designated Timberfell staff person will assist during events.


Timberfell has invested in equipment to run a fully functional resort experience.  However, like anything planning is key.

  1. Food and catering can be provided at a determined cost.
  2. Food and catering require 2 weeks notice for the event.
  3. Build out items require 2 weeks notice for the event.
  4. Party tents, stages, etc. require 2 weeks notice for the event.


We have created an online form to allow violations to be reported. The reports can be anonymous. This site is meant so that we can take care of problems, please do not abuse it. Go to