Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest I can check in?

For guests in cabins / rooms / tent sites / rv sites you can check-in anytime.  You can use our self check-in kiosks or your mobile device.  Your gate code and room combination will be sent to your email with your reservation details. Day passes will have to arrive during normal business hours and check in at the office.

We are a private membership campground and require all guests to have a membership card.  The cost of the membership is $20.00 dollars per year.  The membership year starts in January and ends in December.

Yes.  All memberships expire December 31st of the year.

Yes.  Our software is designed to allow you to book into the future.  Most of our weekends in the summer sell out.  Keep in mind that event dates could change.  Our Resident Advisory Board (RAB) sets the event schedule and it is usually published by October.

Yes.  You will need to do this before the office closes.  You will be charged the difference between a day pass and an overnight pass.

C.S. Alley and CraigsLanding tent areas have electric.  Be sure to bring some long drop cords.  Power is first come first serve.

No.  You are welcome to bring your own grill.  We do have campground grilling areas with grills for public use.

Yes.  We are very welcoming of pets.  Please no aggressive breed dogs and all pets must be leeched.

A fee of $10.00 per day will be charged for pets and this will be indicated on your wristband.  Be sure to select the has pets option when completing your reservation.

You will be charged a damage fee for damaged caused by pets.  Please pickup after your pets in disposal containers.

No.  As we say in reservations, we have heard that before.  Please refer to our cancellation policy.

No.  Camping is an outdoor experience and with that comes mother nature.  Don’t worry, we have many amenities that are indoors to keep the fun going.  Our staff is also trained to put together some fun activities in the event of rain.

No.  Our cabins and rooms have aperture requirements and they will trip the breaker.  Keep in mind, some of our buildings are older than you.  If you trip a breaker you are subject to other sites as well.

Certainty, you can drink if you are above legal age.  We have 3 bars on property, however we do not sell liquor on site.  Timberfell allows you to bring your own alcohol for your own personal consumption.  You are allowed to bring your own alcohol to our pool and bars, however Tennessee law does not allow you to bring beer/wine to areas which we distribute alcohol.  You are not allowed to distribute your alcohol to others and serving alcohol at the pool or close to our bars is strongly prohibited.

Tennessee law doesn’t allow interior smoking (dance club / restaurant / office / etc).  Our outside areas have designated smoking areas.  Please dispose of your butts in property containers.  At no time in any location of the entire property is it okay to flick your butt on the ground.  We consider vaping the equivalent of cigarette smoking.

The entire campground is clothing optional except for places that we serve food and close to our main gate entrance.  Our property has miles of hiking trails, so be sure to know your boundaries.  If you are hesitant to visit Timberfell due to the clothing optional environment, please note that the vast majority of guests are clothed. You will never feel out of place if you stay clothed. Seeing others who choose to be nude will quickly become “no big deal.”

A nudist adult atmosphere doesn’t equate to a sexual atmosphere. If that is the environment you’re seeking, Timberfell is not for you.  Sexual activity certainly occurs at Timberfell just as it does anywhere else. We strongly prohibit sex in our pool areas, bars and other public use buildings. 

Universal consent is expected at Timberfell just as it is anywhere else. Behavior “never needing an apology” should be the norm. 

Overt sexual behavior in public spaces, or the appearance of such behavior, is unacceptable. Sexual impropriety towards another guest is unacceptable. If you are approached for sex and have no interest – say so. If the offender won’t stop, call or stop by our Guest Services desk. If you feel you have been sexually assaulted, call the police and press charges.

No.  We do not permit sleeping in your vehicle unless it is outfitted for sleeping.

Timberfell is a men’s only resort.  We are often asked about changing this policy to meet today’s business climate.  The short answer is, we will continue to follow tradition.

We don’t kiss and tell.  Our office can assist you with these reservations.  We are sensitive to photography and we have special wristbands for those that do not want to be photographed during some of our marketing events.  We do have security camera’s on property which are password protected and can only be released for law enforcement purposes.