Friends Accepting Friends

Accepting of All

Timberfell prides itself on a place being accepting of all.  The site holders really make Timberfell what it is today by welcoming everyone that comes to camp.  The campground also promotes engagement, such as with our fire-pits or activities.  Everyone is different, and everyone is always accepted.

Will people like me?

Timberfell is always welcoming of new faces.

Always.  Timberfell has a diverse mix of people.  From young to older.

All body types are beautiful.

While we have bars on the resort property, many of our guests do not drink.  We offer plenty of non alcoholic beverages.

All personalities are welcome with open arms.

Timberfell is non-discriminatory.  Please view our Anti-Racism Policy – Timberfell Resort

Relax, take a deep breath and come explore.