Our Community

Engagement is the Key to Success

Timberfell has a rich history being the first gay campground in America.  The answer on how we did this is simple – our community.

We welcome guests from across the world to enjoy the fun and the endless activities the resort and surrounding area offers.

Each year we add new amenities to meet the standards our guests have come to enjoy.

In an era when old methods of meeting people have dwindled, Timberfell has succeeded.  The outside community has seen a steady decline in community establishments like bars, dance clubs, and social meetups.  The new standard of social interaction is online through social media and apps.  This artificial interaction is often based on filtered photos, exaggerated descriptions and disappointing meetups.  This is one of the biggest reasons this resort has become so popular.

In each amenity that we add we design engagement areas.  This encourages face-to-face interaction.  You can choose from a variety of activities and places where you’ll be among real live people!  Talking, laughing, dancing and meeting new friends.  You’ll learn campers are from every walk of life with an incredible blend of backgrounds and careers.  You’ll loosen up and try new things.  You’ll make new friends and maybe even meet your life partner.

Every step of the way we hear repeatedly of our welcoming our campground is.  We have a large base population of site holders that truly are the backbone of the campground.