Randall Scott Sheppard

1969 – 2011

Known as Randy, he was born in Saltville, Va. His parents were Tom and Colleen Sheppard. He graduated from Rich Valley High School in 1987. Randy worked for many years as a CNA and loved helping people. Randy died from an accidental overdose of pain meds from an arm injury. Randy and his partner Allen Alderman would have celebrated their 5th anniversary on the following day Sept 29. Randy and Allen loved spending time together at Timberfell with all their friends, especially Chris. Randy loved going to Myrtle Beach, watching Law and Order on TV, chatting with his many online friends and playing with their cats. Randy will be deeply missed by all his friends and especially his partner Allen Alderman.


Lacy Wayne Short

1963 – 2009

Wayne was a friend and guest of Timberfell Lodge. He enjoyed having good times on the property whenever he could. He was taken away from his family and friends in a tragic car accident on December 29, 2009. He was a driver for Fedex and a past sheetrock worker. He was a native of Maryland, but the loved the mountains here in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. His partner James Blevins, and longtime friend Ed Bernard celebrated Wayne’s life by placing a memorial in his honor in the gardens at Timberfell Lodge.

Life is unfair by taking the ones we love so quickly from us. Wayne will live forever in our hearts and minds. Peace be with you forever Wayne. We love you.

James and Ed

Charles Price Henritze

1966 – 2009

Charles was my best friend, my partner, my husband. He was born in this area in Roanoke, VA. He moved to Tampa, FL and eventually to Fort Lauderdale, FL where I met him in 2006. Charles was a computer repair technician by trade with his own business called Queer Computing so he fixed any kind of computer for people that need them to work or play video games. After a few months of knowing him, he moved in with me in 2007. When my dad became ill, I had to come up to Bristol last year to help out, and Charles stayed at our house. Since my house wasn’t selling and Charles had developed a bad case of psoriasis, I had him move up here so I could help take care of him. He recovered from the psoriasis, but his medication was masking a deeper condition, pneumonia. Charles had always had a bad cough, but it had gotten worse in the last few months. We checked him in to the hospital April 1, but with the few weeks he was there, it was too far advanced for any treatment to work.

Above is a picture of him to show you how handsome he was. Not only physically, but he was beautiful in all ways. Even though he would have nothing he would literally give you the shirt off his back. He was caring, gentle, funny and tender. He loved hard rock, especially Metallica, and loved ANY kind of fart humor. He liked science fiction and America’s Next Top Model.

I miss my Charles and will every day.

John K. Allen

Ed Walsh

1948 – 2009

Charles Marcus

1967 – 2008

We lost a close friend and member of the Timberfell family, Mark May, on Friday April 25th, 2008. Mark passed away after a brief, but brave battle with cancer. All of us at Timberfell Lodge extend to his partner, Kevin Berry, and all his family our deepest and heartfelt sympathies. Bill opened “The Pool Opening Weekend” with a toast and dedication to Mark and announced that every Pool Opening Weekend forward will be dedicated in honor of Mark.

In order to provide an opportunity for all Mark’s friends from Timberfell a chance to pay him tribute, a Memorial Service is being planned for him. This will be held in the Memorial Garden on the property at a date and time to be announced later.

“In a world where people leave us without permission. our feelings our thoughts our life are changed. nobody can stop this, no-one can say lets try again or make a plan for tomorrow. Yet i am here with my heart exposed to all. Can they see what you mean to me, do they know the love will always be there.

With small steps i travel forwards through life knowing that you are safe now and all is quiet. keep the love in your heart as i will in mine. my steps grow Stronger each day as i walk through my own life.”

P. Friar 1962