Resort Rules

*Notice: These rules can change without an update to the site. Please contact our front desk for the current copy of our rules. Thank you.

Timberfell Lodge and Campground
Resort Rules

Registration and Membership

    1. Timberfell Lodge and Campground is an all-male private membership Resort for men 21 years of age and older.
    2. All charges are subject to state and county taxes.
    3. All Guests, Campers, and Daypassers must register at the office upon arrival to the Resort. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    4. All Guests, Campers, and Daypassers must sign the liability waiver, membership form and provide an Emergency Contact (in case of illness or accident) before admission to the property. The membership fee is $15.00/year and must be renewed each year. This once a year fee is in addition to lodging, camping or daypass charges. Each Guest, Camper or Daypasser will receive a membership card.
    5. A parking pass will be issued upon registration and must be displayed while on property. Only registered Members are allowed to park on property.
    6. Lodging and campsites: Check-in is after 3pm and Check-out is 11am unless otherwise arranged with Management.
    7. Daypassers may Check-in after 11am and Check-out is 12 midnight


    1. The use or sale of illegal drugs is not tolerated at the Resort. Violators may be removed from the property and their membership revoked.
    2. No weapons or firearms of any kind are permitted on property.
    3. We have in place a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for any type of physical violence at Timberfell Lodge. Any guest or employee engaging in this type of behavior will be asked to leave PERMANENTLY!!
    4. Timberfell Lodge and Campground is a “BYOB” resort. However, we do own a beer license and sell beer and “beer like” products on the premises. Beer, wine coolers, and other malt type beverages cannot be “brown-bagged” on the property due to our licensing.
    5. Public intoxication will not be tolerated on the property. Anyone becoming intoxicated and causing a disturbance may be removed from the property and their membership revoked.
    6. Please obey all posted rules and regulations for the use of the steam room, saunas and swimming pool for your safety and the safety of your fellow Members.
    7. Timberfell Lodge and Campground is a clothing optional Resort. All Members are asked to wear clothes at mealtimes and for all outdoor buffets. For the privacy of all Members, photography or video of any Member is only allowed with their approval. Commercial photography or video is permitted with the written approval from Management and letters of release from the individuals being photographed.
    8. No overt sexual activity in public areas (pool, pool bar, Lodge great room, etc.)
    9. Please discard of garbage and cigarette butts accordingly. Absolutely NO GLASS containers in the swimming pool area or community bath rooms.
    10. Please be mindful of quiet hours from 10pm-10am for the comfort of all Members. If asked to quiet down please be courteous.
    11. The Lodge and all rooms are non-smoking.
    12. The speed limit is SLOW at all times on the property.
    13. Due to insurance regulations and employee polices, NO GUESTS are allowed in the staff quarters at anytime.

RV Park

    1. Permanent site holders are responsible for their guests. They need to be registered at the office and must become Members to have access to the property. Please make sure your guests have registered at the Office upon arrival to the Resort. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. Any individual sale of a unit on a permanent site may include the remaining balance of the rental amount but only with the approval of Management. Please contact Management first if you have any intent to sell your unit on the property.
    3. Any additions, structures, decks, walkways or footers to a permanent site must be pre-approved by Management.
    4. All sites must be kept neat, clean and free of debris. Please try to
    keep all units in good repair and appearance.
    5. Due to insurance regulations and employee policies, our staff has been asked not go into guest’s RVs. We asked that you please respect this policy and not encourage this level of fraternization with the staff.

    6. No household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc.) are to be placed outside an RV, on a deck, or other area not inside the RV unit.
    7. No RV tank deoderizers or additives are to be used at any time. These chemicals are extremely harmful to our septic systems, especially the ADVANTEX system in the Upper RV Park Expansion.
    8. Permanent RV Site Rates are set for 1-2 persons per site. The rate will be adjusted accordingly for each additional person permanetly using the site.


    Pets without a history of aggressive behavior are welcome. All Member pets must be leashed at all times and kept out of the pool area. Please pick-up after your pet. Management reserves the right to refuse a pet if they deem it necessary and to ensure the safety and comfort of other Members.


    Management reserves the right to restrict access to the common areas for any Member who fails to follow these rules or is a nuisance or threat to others. These rules may be amended by Management as needed and will become effective after five (5) days notice. Notice will be sufficient when posted on website.

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